Hello! I am a student in California, and I am a programming and IT/system administration enthusiast. I am also known as SealsRock12 and sealsrock.



I don’t have any certificates or anything like that for IT/system administration, but I am very interested in it. I have a server at home, where I make VMs to run “production” servers as well as to test out new ideas. I use Proxmox currently. I might make a full post about it soon.

I enjoy helping people with their tech issues because that often helps me learn, so I am pretty active on the r/TechSupport Live Chat. I also helped build their new wiki. I also make contributions to other open-source projects here and there. You can find more details of that on my GitHub.

My favorite operating system is FreeBSD, but Linux is usually just more practical, so I end up using Linux more often. I like using Debian for servers and Arch/Gentoo for clients.

Website information

This website uses Astro, a partial static site generator, to build most of the website. For interactive components, such as the Search and the page lists, I used Preact. I used SCSS for styling, and the colors were heavily inspired by the Nord theme. I actually partially built a light mode, but I haven’t finished it; however, if you set [data-theme=light] on the root element, it will switch! Be warned, however, some of the site doesn’t look very good.

This website will just consist of random stuff about technology related to the projects I am doing.